An Unexpected Dream

Way back in college, I had a friend named A.M, who was also my roommate. We still communicated after graduating college, even when we already had our own jobs.  I could still remember the last time I saw her.  We went out with one of our close friends, AB.  Both of them then, were applying for job as nurse in London. I didn’t take the same opportunity that time, because I wanted to do something else.   A.M talked to me in private and told me that she had passed the interview.  She sought advice how she could tell our dear friend AB about it, because the latter was expecting hat they are going to London together.  I advised her anyway that she had to be honest, because it might result to a much bigger misunderstanding. Well, that was the last time I heard from her.  I had been looking for her in all social networking sites, but she was nowhere to be found.  All of our friends had been doing the same thing.  I found her in Friendster (when it was still in existence) and sent her a message, but she never replied. I already stopped looking for my long lost friend for almost one year, until last night, I had an unexpected dream.  The dream was so weird.  In my dream, I was in an elevator when I saw A.M.  We were so happy when we saw each other.  I was talking to her, when one person in the elevator asked me who I was talking to?  All of a sudden, I realized that I was the only one who could see my friend.  We continued our conversation.  She told me that she already passed away, then I saw her walking out of the elevator with a man.  I felt sad hearing what happened to her, when suddenly, I saw a vision of how she died.  She died in a car crash, involving a very prominent man (a politician) in our country.  I saw a black car burning.  She went out of the car… her face, her lovely face was also in fire.  A man, the same man who went out with her from the elevator helped her and gave her a new identity… a new name…that name was Jasmine. Well, this was really a weird, weird dream, and it had left me a lot of questions. Then I remembered that A.M has as sister. I searched for her on Facebook and sent her a message.  I asked her if she still remembers me, and asked about my friend, A.M.  I was relieved that my dear friend is having a good life in London. Thank God for the answer.

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The Clay and The Potter

Potter, Potter, where am I?

I have put you in my hands, my dear clay.

Potter, Potter, what will you do?

I am making a work of art out of you.

Potter, Potter, what is your purpose?

You shall know it when it is done.

Potter, Potter, will it hurt?

It will, but never worry, you’re in my care.

If that is so, then Potter, do whatever is on your mind.

My dear clay, I need your faith to execute my plan.

Potter, Potter, I am in pain.

It is because, into my hands, you are being shaped.

Shaped? Do I really  need to be molded?

Yes, you do.  It is a process

Potter, Potter,  I feel so weak!

It is because I have put you under heat.

Heat? Oh, Potter… Take me out, please!

It is almost done… You’ll be stronger and totally changed after this.

Potter, Potter, can you do it fast?

Patience is a virtue; we need more time.

Potter, Potter, thy will be done.

Alas! My clay, You are learning fast.

Potter, Potter, I feel better now.

It is because you’re no longer a clay, but a pot.

Potter, Potter, what is next?

Your whole body shall be painted.

Then do unto me whatever pleases your heart.

You have learned obedience. I’m glad to hear that.

Look! People are in awe when they see me.  They are praising you for what You’ve done!

I’ll tell you a secret… It is my hidden purpose since before I had set my plan.

Thank You, Thank You, Potter for being my Master!

I have found joy in you… You’re welcome, My masterpiece!

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“To the intent that now unto the principalities and powers in heavenly places might be known by the church the manifold wisdom of God, according to the eternal purpose which He purposed in Christ Jesus our  Lord. “(Eph 3:10-11)

This verse had been troubling me for days.  Wow, I told myself, this is very, very deep. Then I prayed and asked God, “Lord, what is your manifold wisdom?”  Then I started with searching the internet.  Good thing with the internet is, almost everything is just one click away.

I began with defining some words.  “Manifold” means means many and varied.  The New Living Translation says “rich variety”. I would like to take a close, and in-depth study of this word to get a clearer picture of the verse.  Imagine a pipe or chamber branching into several openings…Imagine a diamond in the darkness, when you turn on the lights, each facet will glisten…Imagine a painting with different colors, yet each of these colors blend and thus, the many things in it, when they are put together are only one subject, one theme… Imagine God, in all his power and magnificence, creating the whole universe and all that is in it, and He, who is bigger than everything that he has created can fit into one body, which is Christ, and that Christ is now in you the moment you received Him.

Now, let us define the word, “wisdom”.  Many times, people may interchange knowledge with wisdom.  In the Bible, it is oftentimes used side by side, which shows that they are neither identical nor unconnected idea.  Knowledge is the intellectual product of human mind.  It requires someone to study for him to have knowledge.  On the other hand, wisdom, besides intellect, involves emotional and spiritual characteristics of human beings in relation to knowledge.  It is deep understanding and realization of people, things, events, or situations resulting in the ability to discern and make the right judgment.  It requires experience to acquire wisdom.

Have you ever wondered why God created everything in 6 days, when in all his might & power, he is capable of creating everything in just one blink of an eye?  I am not a well-versed person. Yes, I read the Bible whenever I find time to do so. I listen to sermons, read inspirational books, etc. What I am writing here is not mainly research-based, but what my spirit urges me to do.  I believe in my heart, God created everything one at a time in order to proclaim his infinite wisdom, because each of His creations is a manifestation of His Glory.

Think about this… It is estimated that between 65 billion people up to 110 billion people have ever thrived the earth since the Day of Creation.  Since then, there are no human beings that are exactly alike.  We may be the same in many ways, but we are also different in variety of aspects.  Even our very fingerprints are designed exclusively for us.  That’s how uniquely each of us are in the eyes of the Lord.

This is the manifold wisdom of God… it is infinite, immeasurable, innumerable.  God is god of surprises.  He reveals things according to its purpose and many of these things are yet to be discovered.  They are to be revealed for the glory of the one who created them.

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Hello world!

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