The Clay and The Potter

Potter, Potter, where am I?

I have put you in my hands, my dear clay.

Potter, Potter, what will you do?

I am making a work of art out of you.

Potter, Potter, what is your purpose?

You shall know it when it is done.

Potter, Potter, will it hurt?

It will, but never worry, you’re in my care.

If that is so, then Potter, do whatever is on your mind.

My dear clay, I need your faith to execute my plan.

Potter, Potter, I am in pain.

It is because, into my hands, you are being shaped.

Shaped? Do I really  need to be molded?

Yes, you do.  It is a process

Potter, Potter,  I feel so weak!

It is because I have put you under heat.

Heat? Oh, Potter… Take me out, please!

It is almost done… You’ll be stronger and totally changed after this.

Potter, Potter, can you do it fast?

Patience is a virtue; we need more time.

Potter, Potter, thy will be done.

Alas! My clay, You are learning fast.

Potter, Potter, I feel better now.

It is because you’re no longer a clay, but a pot.

Potter, Potter, what is next?

Your whole body shall be painted.

Then do unto me whatever pleases your heart.

You have learned obedience. I’m glad to hear that.

Look! People are in awe when they see me.  They are praising you for what You’ve done!

I’ll tell you a secret… It is my hidden purpose since before I had set my plan.

Thank You, Thank You, Potter for being my Master!

I have found joy in you… You’re welcome, My masterpiece!

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