An Unexpected Dream

Way back in college, I had a friend named A.M, who was also my roommate. We still communicated after graduating college, even when we already had our own jobs.  I could still remember the last time I saw her.  We went out with one of our close friends, AB.  Both of them then, were applying for job as nurse in London. I didn’t take the same opportunity that time, because I wanted to do something else.   A.M talked to me in private and told me that she had passed the interview.  She sought advice how she could tell our dear friend AB about it, because the latter was expecting hat they are going to London together.  I advised her anyway that she had to be honest, because it might result to a much bigger misunderstanding. Well, that was the last time I heard from her.  I had been looking for her in all social networking sites, but she was nowhere to be found.  All of our friends had been doing the same thing.  I found her in Friendster (when it was still in existence) and sent her a message, but she never replied. I already stopped looking for my long lost friend for almost one year, until last night, I had an unexpected dream.  The dream was so weird.  In my dream, I was in an elevator when I saw A.M.  We were so happy when we saw each other.  I was talking to her, when one person in the elevator asked me who I was talking to?  All of a sudden, I realized that I was the only one who could see my friend.  We continued our conversation.  She told me that she already passed away, then I saw her walking out of the elevator with a man.  I felt sad hearing what happened to her, when suddenly, I saw a vision of how she died.  She died in a car crash, involving a very prominent man (a politician) in our country.  I saw a black car burning.  She went out of the car… her face, her lovely face was also in fire.  A man, the same man who went out with her from the elevator helped her and gave her a new identity… a new name…that name was Jasmine. Well, this was really a weird, weird dream, and it had left me a lot of questions. Then I remembered that A.M has as sister. I searched for her on Facebook and sent her a message.  I asked her if she still remembers me, and asked about my friend, A.M.  I was relieved that my dear friend is having a good life in London. Thank God for the answer.

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